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[S8E2] The Incentive

Robert California (James Spader) challenges office manager Andy Bernard (Ed Helms) to double sales after a rousing motivational speech. After Andy tries unsuccessfully to mine ideas from the office employees, he consults a book on management techniques and decides to try an incentives program. He presents a number of items catered to individual employees, which they can purchase with "points" earned by exceptional workplace performance. This idea garners mixed reactions from the employees, but when Jim Halpert (John Krasinski) jokingly asks Andy what prizes he will offer for inordinately large numbers of points, he offers to tattoo whatever his co-workers would like on his butt in exchange for 5,000 points, anticipating that nobody will be able to even come close to this number.

[S8E2] The Incentive

Andy: [on phone] Hi, Professor Frank, Andy Bernard, class of '95. Hey there, um, I'm a huge fan of your management book, Management. Um, quick question. I may be missing a chapter here...De-Incentivizing. What are your strategies? Looking for a real blow to morale...uh why? Well, um I guess you could say I'm in one of those classic ass tattoo incentive situations. [laughs]

When Andy becomes the new manager, he institutes a 'points system' to incentivize the office to sell more paper. His plan works better than expected when he offers to tattoo himself as the grand prize. This clip is a funny example of the power of incentives.Season 8 Episode 2"The Incentive"

The participants were revealed during Kurt's FLoB-athon charity event as an incentive to donate. Starting at 86% of the goal of the event, for every 1% raised, he would say one additional participant. The participants, revealed in this order, are Guude, Mhykol, Docm77, BdoubleO100, generikb, Nebris, W92Baj, mcgamer, Pakratt0013, Millbee, adlingtont, Pyro_0, VintageBeef, Etho, and kurtmac himself.[2] This was the first season for four new players, adlingtont, generikb, Mhykol and Millbee. 041b061a72


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