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Haqeeqat( 1964) : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Haqeeqat Download 720p Movies: A Guide for Movie Lovers

Are you a fan of classic war movies? Do you love watching epic stories of courage, sacrifice, and patriotism? If yes, then you must have heard of Haqeeqat, one of the best war movies ever made in India. Haqeeqat is a 1964 Hindi-language film directed by Chetan Anand, based on the events of the 1962 Sino-Indian War. The film stars Dharmendra, Balraj Sahni, Priya Rajvansh, Sanjay Khan, Vijay Anand, and others in major roles. The film is widely considered as one of India's greatest black and white war-films. It won the National Film Award for Second Best Feature Film in 1965.

Haqeeqat download 720p movies

If you have not seen this masterpiece yet, or if you want to watch it again in high quality, then this article is for you. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Haqeeqat download 720p movies. We will give you a brief overview of the movie plot, cast, reviews, trivia, and poster. We will also guide you on how to find, download, and watch Haqeeqat in 720p quality. So, without further ado, let's get started.

Haqeeqat Movie Plot

The movie's main plot concerns a small platoon of Indian soldiers in the hilly terrain of Ladakh who are considered dead but are rescued by Ladakhi tribesmen and by Capt. Bahadur Singh (Dharmendra). They are asked to retreat from their post as the Chinese have surrounded them. Capt. Bahadur Singh and his girlfriend Angmo (Priya Rajvansh) die holding the Chinese at bay so that their comrades can retreat to safety. In the end, Major Ranjit Singh (Balraj Sahni) and his company are forced to withdraw as the Chinese launch a major offensive and overrun the Indian positions across the border.

The movie also depicts the personal lives and struggles of the soldiers and their families. It shows how the war affects their relationships, their morale, and their patriotism. The movie also explores the themes of heroism, loyalty, betrayal, and love in the backdrop of a brutal war.

Haqeeqat Movie Cast

The movie boasts of an impressive star cast that includes some of the finest actors of Indian cinema. Here is a list of the main actors and their roles in Haqeeqat:

  • Dharmendra as Capt. Bahadur Singh: The brave and charismatic leader of the platoon who sacrifices his life for his men and his country.

  • Balraj Sahni as Major Ranjit Singh: The commanding officer of the company who tries to hold his ground against the Chinese onslaught.

  • Priya Rajvansh as Angmo: The beautiful and spirited Ladakhi girl who falls in love with Capt. Bahadur Singh and joins him in his fight.

  • Sanjay Khan as Lt. Ram Singh: The young and idealistic officer who is loyal to his seniors and his comrades.

  • Vijay Anand as Capt. Pratap Singh: The brave and intelligent officer who is captured by the Chinese and tortured for information.

  • Jayant as Major General: The senior officer who oversees the operations in Ladakh and gives orders to Major Ranjit Singh.

  • Sudhir as Capt. Daljit Singh: The traitor who defects to the Chinese side and betrays his fellow soldiers.

  • Bhagwan Sinha as Subedar Nandlal: The loyal and experienced soldier who supports Major Ranjit Singh and his men.

  • Madan Puri as Chinese Commander: The ruthless and cunning leader of the Chinese forces who plans to wipe out the Indian soldiers.

  • Achala Sachdev as Mrs. Ranjit Singh: The wife of Major Ranjit Singh who worries about her husband's safety and prays for his return.

Haqeeqat Movie Reviews

The movie received rave reviews from both critics and audiences when it was released in 1964. It was praised for its realistic portrayal of war, its powerful performances, its gripping screenplay, its melodious music, and its patriotic message. It was also appreciated for its technical excellence, especially its cinematography, editing, sound design, and special effects.

The movie has been rated 8.1 out of 10 on IMDb, based on 1,375 user ratings. It has also been rated 4.5 out of 5 on Bollywood Hungama, based on 8 user ratings. Some of the positive reviews are as follows:

"Haqeeqat is a masterpiece of Indian cinema. It is a tribute to the brave soldiers who fought and died for their country. It is a film that every Indian should watch and be proud of." - Rajesh Khanna, actor

"Haqeeqat is a landmark film in the history of Indian war movies. It is a film that combines realism, emotion, drama, and patriotism in a perfect blend. It is a film that showcases the talent and vision of Chetan Anand, one of India's finest directors." - Shyam Benegal, director

"Haqeeqat is a film that moves you to tears and fills you with pride. It is a film that depicts the horrors of war and the heroism of men. It is a film that has some of the most memorable songs and scenes in Indian cinema. It is a film that deserves to be seen by every generation." - Anupama Chopra, film critic



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