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Litfiba Tetralogia Degli Elementi Download

Litfiba Tetralogia degli elementi download

Litfiba is an Italian rock band that was formed in Florence in 1980. The band is known for its fusion of hard rock, punk, new wave, and electronic music. Litfiba has released 14 studio albums, 7 live albums, and several compilations and singles.

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One of the most acclaimed and successful projects of Litfiba is the Tetralogia degli elementi, a series of four albums that were published between 1990 and 1997. Each album represents one of the four natural elements described by the ancient philosopher Anaximander: fire, earth, air, and water.

El diablo (1990)

El diablo is the first album of the Tetralogia degli elementi and it is dedicated to fire. The album features songs that criticize the alleged satanism of rock music, the scarcity of water on Earth, and the lack of freedom in a restricted world. The album also contains more intimate and introspective songs, such as Il volo, which commemorates the death of Ringo De Palma, a friend of the band who died of a heroin overdose, and Ragazzo, which describes the difficulties of growing up. El diablo is the album that made Litfiba reach a wider audience, thanks to the hit singles El diablo and Gioconda.

Terremoto (1993)

Terremoto is the second album of the Tetralogia degli elementi and it is dedicated to earth. The main theme of this album is social and political criticism, influenced by the Italian scenario of corruption and scandals that led to the collapse of the First Republic. The album attacks the malpractice and the old system of power (Dimmi il nome, Dinosauro), the influence of mass media (Maudit), and the portrait of Florence as a victim of decay (Firenze sogna). The album also includes a sarcastic and allusive song about a couple in crisis (Il mistero di Giulia) and two of the most remarkable songs of the album, the anti-war ballad Prima guardia (inspired by The Tartar Steppe by Dino Buzzati) and the poetic Fata Morgana, considered one of the best songs ever composed by the band and related to the optical phenomenon of the same name.

Spirito (1994)

Spirito is the third album of the Tetralogia degli elementi and it is dedicated to air. The album explores themes such as spirituality, freedom, love, and death. The album has a more electronic sound than the previous ones, with synthesizers and drum machines. The album includes some of the most popular songs of Litfiba, such as Lo spettacolo, Spirito, No frontiere, Diavolo illuso, and La musica fa.

Mondi sommersi (1997)

Mondi sommersi is the fourth and final album of the Tetralogia degli elementi and it is dedicated to water. The album deals with topics such as loneliness, isolation, addiction, violence, and hope. The album has a darker and heavier sound than the previous ones, with distorted guitars and industrial beats. The album features songs such as Animale di zona, Lacio drom (a Romani expression meaning "good journey"), Regina di cuori, Goccia a goccia, Si può, Sparami, and Ritmo 2.

How to download Litfiba Tetralogia degli elementi

If you want to download Litfiba Tetralogia degli elementi, you have several options. You can buy or stream the albums from online platforms such as [Spotify], [Apple Music], [Amazon Music], or [YouTube Music]. You can also buy physical copies of the albums from online stores such as [Amazon] or [eBay]. Alternatively, you can download free mp3 files from websites such as [Rockit] or [Free Music Archive], but be aware that this may violate copyright laws.


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