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Facebook Building Their Own Android Phone Invites Sent Out For €?Mobile Event’ Extra Quality

Mobile devices are increasingly becoming the tool of choice for online communications and content consumption, according to Gartner. The research and advisory company predicts that by 2018, more than 50 percent of users will use a tablet or smartphone instead of a desktop for their online activities. That trend is driving new options to create, send, and manage digital invitations for parties, meetings, and other functions entirely through mobile apps. Here are six apps to consider.View Slide Show

Facebook building their own Android phone Invites sent out for ‘Mobile Event’

Teamup has built-in Sharing options on both the browser and mobile app which allow you to invite others to an event, and make it easy for invitees to add the Teamup event to their own calendar service.

This is less terrible than texting people, but still not great. It's fun to create a little image representing your event, but then you have to go through your friends list and tailor your close friends to only people you want to come to your party. And then you have to hope that your friends see the story, register that it is a party you want them to attend, and then put it on their calendar. Plus, stories only stay up for 24 hours, so you're bound to have to field tons of follow ups.

Facebook is currently building and will soon be testing new advertiser topic exclusion controls, which is an extension of their brand safety measures. The goal is to allow advertisers to prevent their ads from appearing in the Newsfeed next to certain topics, based on their brand suitability preferences.

It is possible to create successful Facebook Events and even build a business out of them with adequate knowledge and understanding. However, we expect the users to remain cautious and consider the requirements of their target audience before launching an event to gain maximum response. Also, it is essential to take care of your privacy before creating a public presence.

If you go to the very bottom of this screen, you will be able to choose as to whether you get these notifications in your browser, email, or sent to your mobile phone as an SMS text notification as follows:

Facebook users are clearly mobile: More than half its 1 billion active members check the social network regularly on their smartphones or tablets. And at the end of last year, researchers at comScore estimated Facebook outpaced Google Maps as the most frequently used smartphone app in the United States. 350c69d7ab


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