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Buy My House Now Uk

Our priority is to make sure that you are satisfied with the agreement, and to make sure the sales process is carried out quickly and efficiently, as opposed to using unprincipled or dishonest tactics other sell house quick companies resort to.

buy my house now uk

As the leading sell your house fast company we guarantee to buy any house or property by performing a transparent transaction between us and yourself which ensures a fast turnaround time so you can sell your house fast and stress-free. We buy any house for cash quickly and efficiently so you can sell your home fast.

National Homebuyers start the process of buying your house by performing a quick external survey, shortly followed by a well-founded cash offer to purchase your house or property. Unlike most other sell house quick companies that offer house buying schemes, we do not work to any fixed percentages or set deductions, which allows us to perform our house valuations fairly and individually. We help you sell your house fast because we buy any house for cash fast and effectively.

By assessing every property on an individual basis, our team of property buyers can make a tailored cash offer so we can buy any house at a price you are happy with, rather than working to a percentage based on your postcode. Unlike other, sell your home fast companies, that offer house buying schemes, National Homebuyers consider the individual merits, credits, and perks of every residence.

In the year to March house prices had the biggest annual fall since 2009, according to Nationwide Building Society. Yet figures from Rightmove paint a different picture as the property website said that house prices had gone up over the year.

The housing market still has some momentum and prices have climbed over the past year. But as mortgage rates surged and the cost of living crisis has eroded household budgets, that rate of property price growth is now stalling, even falling.

Rising rates make it more expensive to borrow money which means fewer potential buyers can afford mortgages. The Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) predicts that house prices will fall 9% over the next two years before rising again in 2025.

There were 76,920 house sales in February, 18% lower compared to the same month in 2022, according to HMRC. The mortgage chaos caused by the 23 September mini-budget has had a knock-on effect on property sales.

If you are looking to buy soon, another consideration is what would happen should there be a dramatic drop in house prices, as is expected over the next two years. Could a fall wipe out the value of your deposit and leave you in negative equity?

That can make it even harder for tenants to save enough for a house deposit when the payments to their landlord are so high, leaving them stuck in rental properties until they can set enough money aside.

March is generally a good time to buy a house when the days start to get longer the weather starts to get warmer. Many homeowners who want to sell fast are advised to put their property on the market in March as there are more house hunters.

Check out our video to find out what makes We Buy Any House UK the nation's leading fast house buyer and to hear first-hand from some of our customers on their experiences of selling their house to us.

We understand that you might want someone to buy your house quickly for many different reasons. It could be a relationship breakdown, inheriting a house, or maybe you just want a fresh start. Whatever the reason may be we have dealt with 1,000s of people in your situation, and have the experience to get you to where you want to be.

We have over 15 years of experience working in the property industry and a team of property experts that can help remove the hassle of a house sale and ensure a speedy sale. They understand the ins and outs of the industry completely and can answer any questions you might have.

Karen Noye, mortgage expert at Quilter, said: "If you buy a house now with a high loan to value mortgage and then house prices do crash they could be left with negative equity and this will hamper your chances of moving in the future until prices rebound.

If you buy your parents' house from them for less than the market value, there could be tax and other implications both for you and your parents. In this article, we explain what these implications are and the key points to be aware of if you are buying a family member's home for less than market value.

If your parents plan to sell their house to you for under market value, they will essentially gift the rest of the property to you. For example, if your parents' house is worth 200,000 and they sell it to you for 150,000, this means they are gifting you 50,000.

The final concern is if you die before your parents do. If this happens and they are living in the property, the house will pass to whoever you left it to in your will (or whoever's entitled to it under inheritance laws) and they will have to move out. If you do go ahead with buying the house, you should consider making or updating your will to reduce the risk of your parents' home ending up in the wrong hands.

If you plan to buy the house outright then the conveyancing process will continue just like any other purchase. If you intend to purchase with a mortgage though, you should make sure your lender is happy with the situation, as some will not lend if the buyer and seller are related.

Living together when you're not married is called cohabitation, and this is currently the fastest growing family type in the UK, as more and more of us are choosing to live together without getting married. Often someone will move into a property that their partner already owns, or it may be that one person can't afford to contribute to the purchase of a new house. But what many don't realise is that if the relationship breaks down, they could find themselves without anywhere to live.

Or take a different example where a couple buys a house together, but the mortgage and property title is only in one person's name. Even if both people contributed towards the costs, the person named on the mortgage would have a much greater claim to the house.

If you have any children, the person considered to be the 'primary care-giver' normally gets to remain in the family home. This basically means the person who looks after the children for the majority of the week. For more information see divorce with kids, who gets the house?

So for many people the bottom-line is that if you're not married and your name isn't on any official paperwork, it's very likely your ex will keep the house. Getting married would give you more legal rights, but then, marriage isn't for everyone.

If you are in a cohabiting relationship, and you want to protect your financial assets for the future, you can put a cohabitation agreement in place. This is a legal document which details what should happen if the relationship does break down. You can set out who (if anyone) gets to keep the house, what do to with the contents of the property, and how any savings should be split if you separate.

Quick Move Now's house buying service offers a quick and convenient alternative to selling your property with an estate agent. We buy at a discount in return for a hassle-free, guaranteed house sale. To find out more about how much we pay click here.

As a business, we are unable to pay as much as you would get if you sold your property on the open market. We are always open and honest about that right from the very start. Our costs and overheads mean it is more expensive for us to buy and sell a house than it would be for an ordinary person buying via an estate agent.

What we can offer you is a quick and guaranteed house sale on a date of your choice. We can buy any home in as little as 7 days, if required. Our friendly, professional team will guide you through every step of the house selling process, resulting in a quick, simple and completely stress-free sale.

Once you've accepted our formal cash offer, the sale is guaranteed (subject to an independent RICS survey). This means you don't have to worry about property chain collapses, or your house sale falling through. It also puts you in a strong position to negotiate on the price you pay for your next home.

Yes. Any genuine home buying company will always need to buy your property at a discount. Quick Move Now pay up to 85% of full market value in exchange for a guaranteed, fast house sale. The discount we apply is not fixed. We assess each property on an individual basis and always offer the most money we can!

There are no costs to use our direct house buying service. The only contract you will be asked to sign is upon exchange, just like any other traditional house sale transaction. Any house buying company that asks you to either sign a contract (ahead of exchange), or pay a fee is a red flag! You must do your due diligence to make sure you are dealing with a genuine company.

You have the choice to either use our free, panel solicitor or go with an independent solicitor at your own cost. Our panel solicitor specialises in fast house sales and works closely with our solicitors to ensure completion happens on the date of your choice.

For those seeking a quick house sale and thinking, can I sell my house for cash? Genuine cash buyers, such as ourselves, can help with a streamlined property sale process to sell your house quickly.

Do you have a specific question about cash house buyers, if they're legitimate or whether they always want a discount? Not to worry, we've gone into depth on each of these subjects with our Cash House Buyers content hub.

Cash House Buyers, like ourselves, are companies in the property sector that have funds to buy a house for cash and are able to buy a property outright without requiring a house repayments or selling another property first - BUT why would that thought cross your mind? Well, a cash offer can be more appealing to sellers because there are fewer hurdles and therefore the process is very quick. house repayments companies are one of the main causes of delays in any property sale process. 041b061a72


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