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prince william and prince harry are well known for their athleticism and work as equestrian athletes. their london based stables, winchelsea, have an impressive facility as well as a decade-long commitment to tourism.

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as the establishment faces the challenges of a new coronavirus pandemic, prince william and prince harry have been asked to lead efforts to counter disinformation and promote health education around the upcoming diamond jubilee.

in this weeks mccleans, prince william and prince harrys diamond jubilee experience, the prince is at the core of the article, presenting several of the key moments of their career as part of the british equestrian team. it also details their regal apparel, appearances and anecdotes.

with tens of thousands of attendees, the festival will feature interactive gaming, virtual tours, rides on virtual animals, concerts with all-new experiences, and interactive storytelling. viewers will experience stories in ways that have never been possible before: with the entire oculus story studio team on board, creators and audiences will be transported into a new world of creativity and imagination.

that is, compared to the culture of the on-site team, the remote team may be considered less experienced. understanding this bias and its impact on evaluation could improve overall hr metrics and effectiveness to more closely match those of the on-site team.

as during the pandemic, theres increasing need to make an impact on how we think about work and the ways we design office space. as the pandemic subsides, many companies are at a crossroads between planning ahead for the future of their workforce and keeping their workforce operational. this has led to companies taking unique approaches to how they view, plan and manage their workforce. one could argue that many companies are struggling with how to evaluate the effectiveness and success of these new approaches. ive seen a few approaches adopted to evaluate this effectiveness.


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