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2020 - All Creatures Great And Small

As of March 2021, aggregator Rotten Tomatoes indicated that 96% of reviews had been positive.[74] Variety was one of the publications that praised the first series. Its chief TV critic Caroline Framke wrote that All Creatures Great and Small "finds key ways to distinguish itself from depictions past, especially as it makes the most of a handsome budget and embraces a welcome, earnest warmth in its storytelling" and added that the update made "a beloved property worthwhile".[75] NBC News praised the series as "pastoral perfection," saying the show was "never meant to be pandemic escapism... but it's hard to think of a better moment for something as simple and charming... sometimes all television (and the world) needs is someone with a gentle heart big enough to care for all creatures, great and small"; according to the network's cultural critic, Ani Bundel.[76]

2020 - All Creatures Great and Small

"Continuity pictures became so important," explained make-up artist Maggie Thomas. "For instance, we would always see the vets leaving and arriving at [Skeldale House], although we never ever went inside the real house on location and the costume and make-up had to match up exactly several weeks later when we saw them arrive back in the studio set of [Skeldale House] hall."[12] "Continuity is one of the greatest challenges for a costume designer," added June Hudson. "It is one of the hardest things to get right. I would take Polaroids and stick them in my script, next to the scenes, so that when you came to do the studio, you just look at that photograph. It was the only way to do it, otherwise you were never, ever going to get it right. The smallest details, whether a top button was done up, if they wore rings on a different hand, if they had a watch on... the viewer notices, so it is a very tough job."[2]

The Earth's species are facing unprecedented threats, from global heating, pollution, land clearing, disease and overutilization, which together are driving an unprecedented and accelerating extinction crisis. "Developing a single, agreed list of species won't halt extinction," says Garnett, "but it's an important step in managing and conserving all the world's species, great and small, for this and future generations."

All Creatures Great and Small was a surprise smash hit on the small screens of 2020. Adrian Lobb booked an appointment with star Nicholas Ralph, who plays young vet James Herriot, to talk about its success and the Christmas special. 041b061a72


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