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Stanislav Gulyaev
Stanislav Gulyaev

Park Loli.rar

Araragi finds out her parents are neglectful. It reminds him of finding out about Hanekawa's family, and he decides not to run away this time.They eventually find the girl's clothes, backpack, and the rest of her teeth in a parking structure. He calls the police since she's definitely kidnapped and thinks he's done.

Park Loli.rar

One day, the little sister accidentally steps on a snail and a tooth falls out. She's happy she's getting older, but then the rest of her teeth fall out.It hurts so much that she wants to die, and her mother told her that she should just jump off a tall building if she wants to die, so she goes to do that. She goes up a parking structure but passes out on the roof. She suddenly became an adult. 041b061a72


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